BITFENIX Alchemy 3.0 Addressable RGB LED Strip - 60cm

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  • Alchemy 2.0 Magnetic LED Strips. Part of the BitFenix Alchemy Premium Modding Series, Alchemy LED Strips are the ideal choice when modding inspiration strikes. This precision manufactured LED Strips come with BitFenix TriBright LED Technology for the absolute brightest LED strips available. Alchemy LED Strips to come in a multitude of lengths and colors, enabling you to bring your modding vision to light. Powerful Magnets, Tiny yet powerful black magnets embedded into the flexible high transparency Polyurethane substrate allow you to attach Alchemy 2.0 magnetic LED strips to any steel part of your case, radiator shrouds, power supply cover and more. They hold your LED strips in place the first time, every time, and they won't come off after a while. Easily re-locate them within your system for optimum lighting, or re-use them in different builds! TriBright LEDs offer far better color tones, glow brighter, last longer, and scatter light more evenly than conventional LED strips, and as a result, cast very soft diffused shadows instead of hard shadows cast by a narrow-angle single LED modules. TriBright LEDs offer unmatched bright white light that illuminates all colors without giving your system a blue, yellow or even slight green tint like most cheap no-name LED strips. NVIDIA GREEN, Purple, Unmatched cable system.

Color Red,Blue,Green,Purple,Yellow,White-Blue
Magnets Black Sintered NdFeB Permanent Magnets
LED Type SK6812TriBright™SMD
Color Rendering Index ~80
Lumen 60
Angle 120°
Voltage (v) 5V
Flex PCB Quality 1oz copper
Protective cover High-Clarity Polyurethane
Power Cable Length 50cm-20"
LED Strip Width 10mm-0.4"
LED Strip Thickness 3mm-0.12"
LEDs 30
Magnets 12
Wattage (W) 9