A4TECH (iHP-120) GCube HeadPhone

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G-POP Folding Stereo Headphone - gives balance and tone to your favorite tunes and clarity to your calls. Stunning Sound.
Superior Comfort! Fully compatible with applications such as calls, Skype, Messenger and other conversations online. 
This is a version with Gold-plated plug specially for the Apple iPhones,
allowing users to switch back and forth between listening to music and calls at the touch of a button on the Mic.

Cellphone accessories
Logpack Small Box
PC Accessories
Logpack Small Box
Details "1. Works with iPad / iPhone / PC / MP3 2. Built-in Mic 3. 40mm Dynamic Performance 4. Foldable Lightweight Design 5. Optimal Silicon Headband 6. Superior Sheet Metal Housing 7. Constructed with Metal Hinge Joints for Smooth Rotation & Countless Folding. 8. Travel Pouch + Adaptor to PC (30 CM)"