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12CM Dual Aperture Computer Case Fan 3/4Pin PWM Chassis Cooler Desktop Computer Case CPU Silent Radiator

Product Code: 12CM Dual Aperture Computer Case Cooling Fan 3/4Pin PWM Chassis Cooler Desktop Computer Case CPU Silent Radiator

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◆ Zero Degree Family 12cm silent computer case fan, with 11 fan blades and dual aperture.
◆ Hydraulic bearing. The life expectancy can reach 20000Hrs.
◆ Anti-vibration & noise reduction design. Quick installation, and stable to reduce the noise caused by resonance.
◆ Dual mode port. The small 3P large 4P combined design can be easily and selectively connected to the motherboard or the power interface; it can adapt to the 3pin and 4pin power interfaces with strong compatibility. Large 4pin interface can  be connected in series.
◆ Quick installation, with 4 fan screws.


- Brand: Zero Degree Family
- Model: Wind Tunnel FC120S ARGB Version
- Working voltage: 12V
- Starting voltage: 7V
- Operating noise: ≤17.9dB
- Rated current: 0.18A
- Fan air volume: 41.2CFM
- Fan speed: 1100rpm±10%
- Service life: 20000Hrs
- Available colors: red/green/white/blue/four-color/multi-color
- Fan pressure: 1.2mm H₂0
- Fan Size: 120×120×25mm
- Fan interface: large 4pin+small 3pin (multi-color model with RGB interface)

Package includes:

- 1 * 12cm silent computer case fan
- 1 * User Manual